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employees_only's Journal

Employees Only
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NOTICE: This Community is in its developmental stages. Please excuse our appearance.

Welcome to employees_only, a community where you can post your rants and raves about the negative aspects of your job in a (mostly) secure setting. Good things to say about work are okay, too.

A few ground rules (They're not that bad, and very few):
1. All posts must be FRIENDS-ONLY.
This is really for your own safety, especially if you have internet savvy co-workers who you regularly tear apart in this community. So, on the offchance that they stumble across this here journal, we'll keep things under wraps.
2. Posts must be work-related.
This means anything having to do with work/your job. Even past job stories. Exceptions to the rule are:
a. Contest Posts (Maintainers only...yes, there will be contests if enough people join).
b. General Suggestions for the community (Open to everyone).
c. Posting status reversal(*) (Open to everyone. Entry will be deleted upon reversal).

Some no-no's:
Excessive pimping of a non-work related community. Once is enough, I think.
AOL speak. *grinds teeth*
Flamewars in the comments.

The only requirement for posting in this community is that you must have job experience (current or past). Job hunters are welcome, also. This is just a request, mainly, to keep things on topic.
(*)If you specifically just want to read the entries, state so in your introductory post, and your posting ability will be nixed (reversible upon request).

The Introductory Post
Short, and relatively painless. Mostly optional.
Where You Live (Country/State/Province/etc.):
Where You Work* (Business Name, Location**):
Job History:
Joined because?*:

* = Required
** = Location of workplace optional.

That's all for now!

Maintainers: spiraling_shape and whoa_oo_whoa